We met in 2006, and we have always loved to travel.

We had jobs that weren’t at all related to tourism and travel but took get-away trips to wherever we could whenever we had the chance.

Until one day, we decided it was time for a change and never turned back.

In July 2013, we retired from our comfortable and sedentary life, we left our jobs and our house to go after a dream. We refurbished our beloved Kangooneta van to take on a trip that would change our lives. And we set off on a journey north that lasted 2.5 years that we documented in www.tequierohastaalaska.com.ar

We arrived in Alaska and after some time we returned to Buenos Aires with Oli on the way, to spend the pregnancy in the comfort of a home, where we stayed for a year total.

With Oli at 6 months old, we went to work the summer at Las Grutas, Río Negro, where we would have our first experience with tourism.


In April 2017, we found jobs in Ushuaia for the winter, and with 10-month-old Oli, and for the first time we arrived at the End of the World. 

A second summer in Las Grutas and a second winter in Ushuaia what exactly we needed to know that this is the place where we want to live, to enjoy its surroundings, and to raise Oliverio, who almost never spent a day apart from us since the day he was born.

Since November 2018, in Aonikenk we are happy to share stories with you and accompany you to make sure your stay in Ushuaia is unforgettable.

Gaby, Flor and little Oliverio