We intend to run our operation following the 3R rule, a goal to be mindful of regarding consumption habits that aims to maintain a more sustainable way of life.


since we got started in November 2018.

Each room has the option to control the temperature, allowing not just for more comfort, but also for a reduction in gas consumption.

Reduction of gas consumption: 15% with respect to the same months of the year before

We replaced all of the lighting with LED fixtures and lamps and made all outdoor lighting solar powered. Furthermore, the large windows in our breakfast nook and living room allow us to enjoy natural light throughout the days.

Light Consumption

We provide a change of towels every 3 days or per request. We collect rainwater in a 500L tank that we use for plant irrigation and cleaning our common areas.

Water Consumption

Plastic Reduction

  • Buying bulk purchases for breakfast supplies
  • Buying cleaning materials in large, recyclable containers
  • We replaced plastic packets of shampoo and soap with refillable dispensers
  • We encourage travelling with your own refillable water bottle, because Ushuaia’s drinking water is ice cold and refreshing  
  • We have reusable bags for the supermarket to lend to our guests when they go shopping

Other Actions

  • We compost organic waste
  • We look to give a second use to things that would have been trash 
  • We separate and recycle all leftovers that can’t be consumed 
  • Plastic and glass bottles are the responsibility of the local municipality 
  • Cardboard: we take it to a company’s warehouse to receive treatment 
  • Aluminum (mostly cans), paper, and plastic lids: for the Garrahan Hospital Foundation